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FOP Faseroptische Produkte GmbH is a company based in Crailsheim, Germany, which is specialised in the distribution and manufacture of components for optical fibre technology. Our company has been operating in this sector for 15 years.

Our suppliers have been established leading manufacturers in this sector for many years. FOP GmbH is an authorised distributor for 3M/QuanteTelecommunications, Radiall GmbH and Leoni Fiber Optics.

The future success and growth of the company depend on establishing a relationship of trust and cooperation with our clients and suppliers. At the same time, we are very serious about our obligations to comply with all legal regulations, and also to protect the environment.


The following are our company goals:

  • to attract satisfied clients as our business partners
  • to ensure client retention through providing quality and reliability
  • to expand our market shares by constantly improving profitability
  • to involve suppliers in the overall relationship with our clients
  • to provide our staff with opportunities for self-development in the form of information, motivation and training.

We have developed and implemented a client-oriented quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 to comply with our quality guidelines and to achieve our company goals.


Our supply range covers the following items:

  • cables
  • cut-to-length cable sets
  • prefabricated indoor/outdoor wiring
  • terminal components (splice cassettes, splice protectors, etc.)
  • connectors/adapters (optical and coax cables)
  • tools, polishing machines, kits, adhesives, polishing materials
  • testers
  • cabinets (splice boxes / distributor housings)
  • media converters / NIC cards (switches)
  • complete cabling systems (e.g. Volition)
  • training (OFC technology / Volition)

We have a well-organised warehouse, guaranteeing prompt delivery to our clients. If you order products that are available from our warehouse, the products leave our company before 2 p.m. on the day of order.


Our target groups:

We have a very wide range of clients. We supply electrical fitting companies, systems houses and OEMs, the distribution sector and research laboratories at universities and institutions.